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Draft League Description (Open and Coed)

The Draft Leagues are very competitive and known for their high level of play. The Draft Leagues are open to players of all skill levels, but like the traditional WSL Draft League of years past, we recommend that participating players have at least a year or two of competitive experience. We encourage new players or those who are interested in developing their skills to register for WSL's Rec League.

Teams for the Draft Leagues are determined through a draft. Registering players will be asked to provide detailed information about their playing history and skill levels. at the close of registration, the draft league captains will participate in a standard draft to build their teams.

Games for the Draft Leagues will be held on the Main Fields at Purchase College in scenic Westchester County, NY. The Draft Leagues are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, starting at 6:30 p.m., having each team play every team in its league at least twice for a 22-game season. The season will culminate in a championship tournament on August 14th.

Coed Draft League is a coed league that requires an on-field 4:3 male-to-female gender ratio. Due to a limited number of spots on each team roster in Coed Draft, we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone wishing to join. Registration will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, which gives preference to returning WSL members. Those who are not offered a spot in the Coed Draft League will be offered a spot in either the Open Draft or the Rec League (see below).

Although men and women may register for the Open Draft League, like the UPA's Open division, the league does not have a gender ratio requirement.

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