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Winter League Registration

Hello WUDi!


The official announcement is here! WUDi Indoor Winter League at Chelsea Piers CT in Stamford is back for its 6th season!



Earlybird Registration opens Friday, December 8th at 8 p.m.

Registration opens Sunday, December 10th at 8 p.m.

Registration closes Sunday, December 24th at 8 p.m.


The league will run for 12 weeks on Thursdays from 8:30pm - 10pm from January 4th to March 22nd



$145 for 12 weeks of play (additional $15 for an optional WUDi Indoor reversible pinnie...same one as last year for those who played fall/winter last year)



Stringent baggage rules allow us to run a smoother draft and create balanced teams. Please observe the rules below. All baggage is subject to WUDi Board approval.


Baggage is limited to couples and captain pairs.


USAU membership:

As with other WUDi leagues, all participants must be USAU members. You must have a current 2018 waiver completed online. Because of WUDi's affiliation with DiscNY, you have the option of selecting the much cheaper "affiliate membership" when you sign up for USAU membership. This will allow you to play any WUDi or DiscNY leagues or events for the remainder of 2018, but nothing else. You may also select full adult membership, which allows you to play any USAU sanctioned events for the remainder of 2018.



USAU rules require that every rostered player have an active, paid 2018 USAU membership and signed waiver!! Any player who does not have a 2018 paid membership WITH signed waiver by the close of registration will be dropped from the league.  Also, any players who wish to stay on the waitlist must also have their membership and waiver up to date. Waitlisted players will be rostered to allow them to sub at any time and so must have valid memberships.


2018 USAU Memberships and waivers can be paid for and signed as of December 1st, 2017. Please take the time to do this prior to registration if you are planning to play.


What to expect:

This is some very FAST-PACED ultimate!! We play 5-on-5 on small indoor turf fields. Discs that bounce off the side curtains and are caught are in play (not off the back curtain though). As soon as a team scores, they drop the disc in the end zone and are immediately on defense as the other team picks it up. Subbing is on-the-fly and must be done between the cones at the mid-field "subbing zone" (preferably on offense!). The stall count is only to 7, so the game moves very quickly.


All levels of play are of course welcome, but we want everyone to be forewarned of what they're getting themselves into!


Got questions? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

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