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Time Cap

The timecap each night will go into effect 5 minutes prior to the "official" sunset**. A horn will be blown to signify that the timecap is on.

When the first horn is blown (single horn), after the current point ends, take the higher of the 2 current scores and add 2 points. The first team to reach the "capped" score wins the game. It is not required to "win by two."

The second horn (double horn) will be blown 10 minutes after the first horn and will mean that the current point being played is the final point. (A point has not started and is not considered "in play" until the disc has been pulled.) If there is a 1 point difference, and the team that was behind scores, then 1 additional point will be played. If the difference in score is 2 points or more at the second horn, the game is over right then and there. Teams may choose to finish the point, but it is not necessary. Please be careful, as the second horn will mean it is pretty dark, and we want to avoid injuries.

** At times, the first horn may be blown prior to 5 minutes before the actual sunset. This is for overcast/cloudy days when it may be too dark to play much beyond the sunset.

Timeouts and Timecap
There are no timeouts in the soft or hard caps.

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