WUDi 2016 Election Results

The election results are in, and thanks to our first two contested elections in quite some time, voter turnout was the highest it has been in years!


Without further ado, the incoming board members for the 2017-2018 term are:

Secretary: Julie Reichling

Treasurer: Bob Suvanich

At-Large: Lauren Doyle


Thank you to all the candidates who ran.  Don't worry about Dan and Justin - we'll find volunteer work for them!

I would also like to express an immense amount of gratitude for our outgoing secretary, Ashley "Smash" Gulyas.  Although Ashley didn't officially join the board until 2013, her work had started long before, as she was almost single-handedly responsible for starting up our indoor Fall and Winter leagues in 2012.  For all 4 years on the board, she doubled as the indoor league coordinator, in addition to her secretary duties.  She did a great job at keeping the board (and especially me) on task, and was instrumental in managing our transition as a DiscNY affiliate league.  Thank you for all the hard work Ashley!!

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