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Indoor League Rules



• Winter League games will begin promptly at 8:30 p.m.

• Games will be played to a time of 42 minutes.

• There will be 2 games per night.  The 2nd game will start 6 minutes after the 1st game ends.

• Games are played 5 on 5.  Gender Ratio Rules can be found here.

• Each team gets one 60-second timeout per game (not allowed in the last 5 minutes of the game). The clock does not stop during a timeout.

• After scoring, the team that scored will set the disc down where the score occurred, and the other team will immediately be on offense going in the other direction.

• Subbing will be “on-the-fly” – players will need to high-five the player they are subbing in for at the middle of the sideline upon subbing into the game.  Cones will be set up to indicate the subbing area.


Stall Count

• Stall is to 7

• Contested calls come in at the count reached plus 1, or 4 if over 3.

• Contested stalls come in at “Stalling 5”



• When the buzzer goes off signaling that 42 minutes is over, the game is over immediately UNLESS the game is tied, in which case the point should be completed, next goal wins.

• The first score after the clock reads 23:00 will signal halftime. Halftime is 2 minutes long and the clock does not stop.

• At the end of game one, teams should switch fields as quickly as possible to begin game two promptly.



• If the disc hits the net on either sideline and comes back in-bounds, it is considered in play. If the disc hits the net in the back of the endzone, it is considered out-of-bounds.

• There will be cones marking the endzones.

• The back and side lines on the turf will be out-of-bounds.

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